Mehaničke Konstrukcije is a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the construction of lifting equipments components but not just stops there, there's also we offer carpentry
Cara Dušana bb, 78220 Kotor Varoš. Republika Srpska, Bosna i Herzegovina. Telephone: +387 51 784 780 FAX: +387 51 784 781 E-mail:      
The quality of our company it's defined by qualified employees that verify all day if the products items are right to the order and accordingly to
We want to share with the world fresh business ideas which have a great future, can make your business more productive, and more efficient.

about the company


Mehanicke Konstrukcije d.o.o it’s a company in Bosna i Herzegovina for the construction of lifting installations components.

We have meetings rooms, a technical department, offices of purchasing, planification, IT and Networks, transport and expeditions….

The company style

Our stile aims to the fulfill the clients satisfaction. With precision and determination we follow step by step our clients assigments to deliver it with the maximum satisfaction. Always looking to improve our company, investing in new technologies and the all day work. This is the style we want to respect guided from our administrations will.